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Press Releases

PhoenixET and Encycle Launch Strategic Software Partnership

Wednesday August 22, 2018
By: Phoenix Energy Technologies

IRVINE, Calif. and SAN MARCOS, Calif., August 21,2018 - PhoenixET, a leading provider of enterprise energy management software and services in the IoT space, and Encycle Corporation, a technology company focused on helping commercial and industrial customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems using IoT-enabled services, announced a partnership to integrate PhoenixET's EnterpriseDX® Demand Manager energy management software with Encycle's patented Swarm Logic® software. 

This partnership was created specifically to leverage both companies' experience in the HVAC energy management market to deliver a cloud-based, enterprise-level Service as a Solution (SaaS) offering for retail, commercial, and industrial customers looking to dramatically reduce their energy consumption and spend. 

Under pressure to reduce energy costs and carbon footprints, energy managers are tasked with finding innovative ways to accomplish these and other energy-based sustainability and demand response goals while still finding the time to manage the safety, security, and maintenance of multiple building sites. PhoenixET and Encycle together provide a fully-scalable and automatic monitoring and control software package that's swift to deploy and simple to operate without hiring additional personnel to maintain, monitor, or adjust their HVAC systems. The robust software delivered via a cloud-based application program interface (API) offered through PhoenixET's Demand Manager option with Swarm, eliminates the complexity and capital outlay seen in traditional HVAC energy-savings models. 

Demand Manager provides an energy decrease by managing demand across multiple BAS types to meet customers' energy cost and load objectives without sacrificing customer comfort or installing additional hardware or meters. PhoenixET's Demand Manager's flexible rules engine and remote commanding capabilities dynamically adjust lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems across company defined zones to react to your pre-set conditions. The Visibility and reporting capabilities allow you to better demonstrate the outcomes of your various event response and demand management policies. The addition of Swarm Logic enables RTUs to operate most efficiently in response to individual RTU performance. 

PhoenixET and Encycle are both leaders in developing energy management solutions that have been proven to deliver unprecedented savings and ROI year after year for our growing retail, commercial, and industrial customer base," said Glen Schrank, CEO of PhoenixET. "This exciting partnership will allow us to further evolve our existing relationship and offer best-in-class, next-generation, IoT-based products and services already being employed across hundreds of facilities throughout North America," added Schrank. 

Incorporating Encycle's Swarm Logic into PhoenixET's EnterpriseDX software enables our companies to deliver enhanced visibility, control, and insights for our customers' HVAC systems using operational data that are updated every few minutes," said Robert Chiste, Encycle Chairman, President and CEO. "This smart and powerful control interface gives building managers the best chance to reduce costs and energy usage by controlling consumption across multiple sites and BAS types without the need for additional hardware or equipment," explained Chiste.

About PhoenixET:

PhoenixET is an IoT innovator in smart buildings and connected machines. The company enables buildings to do smart things like alert, measure, and command capital equipment to self-correct or predict the need for service. PhoenixET pairs actionable data with real-time building, asset monitoring and predictive analysis to reduce energy, facilities, and capital equipment costs. Duke Energy is a major shareholder of PhoenixET. For more information about PhoenixET, visit

About Encycle:

Encycle is a technology-driven company that is transforming energy management for multi-site commercial and industrial companies. The company leverages its patented cloud-based technology to lower its clients' electric costs, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. Companies using Swarm Logic® routinely reduce HVAC electric costs and consumption by 10%-20% with little or no capital investment. For more information about Encycle, visit

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