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Bring your building and facility management systems together

As an enterprise facility manager, you have many, many vendors to manage. Perhaps you’re already using a service to manage the individual locations, but you still need to deal with issues from capital planning to risk management to landscaping and parking lots. 

Let PhoenixET help, not hinder. With integrations to your solution partners and a single view of all your buildings in the palm of your or your location managers or technicians, you’re one step closer to bringing all your systems together.

Integrate with top solution providers


Integrated with top solution providers

Reduce vendor performance risk

Tight integrations with ServiceChannel and solution partnership with IoT vendors like Microsoft Azure IoT platform, PhoenixET’s solutions reduce the need for double data entry into energy and facility ticket systems, resulting in higher accuracy and reduced labor. 



Reduce Truck Rolls


Reduce Truck Rolls

Eliminate unnecessary technician callls

With PhoenixET’s advanced Building View and Building Intelligence, you can see which equipment requires repair or replacement and which may have other system errors that can be resolved remotely, by your team or ours.

Identify the source of the issue, and resolve right from the palm of your hand, or determine the severity, and manage any necessary tickets right then.

Manage Capital Expense


Manage Capital Expenses

Many enterprises maintain building equipment on a set schedule

Many enterprises maintain building equipment on a set schedule, whether the equipment needs it or not. Now you can prioritize and review your equipment portfolio and rank order performance to identify issues before they happen, when repair can be completed instead of replacement. 

Plus, you can identify equipment’s ideal maintenance schedule, performing periodic maintenance when it’s needed, not based on some arbitrary manufacturer’s schedule.

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