Digital Transformation and IoT
Bringing building data into the 21st century
Digital Transformation and IoT

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Monitor, control, and model your building's equipment data

One of the final miles of available data for the enterprise is asset data, especially far flung assets like HVAC, lighting, and other building equipment. 

PhoenixET brings that data to your data lake or warehouse so that you can correlate sales, expenses, build energy buying models and more. It’s secure, works with tools you already have, and is low-to-no capital expense to begin, since there are no additional sensors to deploy. We even have integrated business intelligence if you want to start right now.

But it doesn’t stop at reading and analyzing, with PhoenixET you can actually control these devices remotely.

IoT Use Cases


IoT Use Cases

Monitor, Control, Correlate

PhoenixET’s building data is clean, normalized, and secure. Our documentation and team can help you connect to any other devices you want to monitor and control across a broad network. Since there is no additional hardware to install, you can realize fast ROI for your project.

The Right Technology Platforms


The Right Technology Partners

IoT Platforms

With technology partners like Microsoft Azure IoT, you’re in good company. We’re adding more I0T partners every month, but our experienced team can work with you to evaluate your stack’s compatibility.

We’ve worked with the technology teams at some of the largest companies in the world, so our experience onboarding and integrating their networks can help us navigate yours. Let’s talk solutions!

Supported platforms include:

Many Building Data Points


Many Building Data Points Available

Which work for your use case?

Whether you’re working on asset optimization, compliance, finding additional efficiencies or grid side solutions, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Setpoints
  • Zone temperatures
  • External temperature
  • kWh Demand
  • And  more

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